The Martial Arts Therapist

Welcome! You have arrived! This is the homepage for an incredible journey on the path to a better life. Compiled below are three categories of writings and teachings, aimed to help you battle some of the daily challenges in life. These writings are meant to be short, enjoyable, and helpful. New articles will be posted often so SIGN UP HERE to be notified when they do! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi. 

Sensei Dane


These are the beginning writings. They are designed to give you the basics needed to battle some of today's biggest challenges. Check back weekly for new articles and updates!


This section contains the middle writings. It includes a focus on several techniques to help you on your journey. Further exploration and articles beyond the Shoden level are also contained.


The last section contains the deep writings. It contains writings on advanced techniques and skills as well as ways to incorporate everything that has been discussed in prior writings.